Doublestar Drakon


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The Drakon is a self-defense knife with excellent capabilities for military, LE or civilian carry.  The knife is very comfortable in the hand with all of the edges rounded and provides fantastic retention with the finger ring.  Can be held forward or reverse grip.  The scalloped blade design provides devastating cuts and slashes.  The knife is very heavy duty and well made.

The Drakon™ was created with one thing in mind, to wreak havoc. The scalloped beveled edge allows this blade to slice through the heaviest textiles with ease. The finger ring loop ensures secure retention throughout the cut. Coated in DoubleStar’s Dragon Hyde™ DLC coating.

Weight Rigged9.6 oz
Weight Blade Alone6.6 oz
Length Rigged8.75″
Width Rigged3.5″
Length Blade8.25″
Width Blade1.625″

Designed by: Rob Cabrera