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Alfa-Knife AK2 Saber Tooth OD/black 5160


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Alfa-Knife is owned by maker Damon Lusky of north Georgia.  Damon's knives have been written up by the knife magazines and appeared on History Channels Knife or Death.  He makes one very fine knife.  I have followed Damon's work here in North Georgia for several years and he just keeps getting better and better.  He is a very talented guy with a background in metals and martial arts which make for an excellent knife maker and designer.  We are very happy to be a dealer for his knives.  The AK2 Saber Tooth is an excellent all around blade as a fighter.  This knife is 5160 steel with a differential heat treat and hamon line.  The blade is .25" thick and ground with a distal taper, this is a very special knife.  


Overall length - 10.5"

Blade length- 5.5"

Blade thickness- .25"

Blade material- 5160 steel acid etched 

Handle- OD/black micarta over toxic green liners

sheath- kydex ready for tel-lok (not incl.)