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Bawidamann Rogue Tungsten Black G-10

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Bawidamann Blades are designed and made in Ohio by brothers Andrew and Ben Bawidamann.  They specialize in small to medium EDC and self-defense knives.  Their designs are both striking and functional, with great attention to details, such as perfect jimping and radiused edges.   The knives are very ergonomic in the hand, with a distinct style and deadly functionality.  They use only premium steel and materials.  One thing that really sets Bawidamann Blades apart is their carry systems, which are much more than just a sheath.  Their Uber scabbard comes with a flexible biothane strap with rigid spacer for horizontal carry, a rigid strap for vertical carry, the sheath can be configured 10 ways to carry the knife.  The Uber scabbard is also compatible with their PUP (PALS Universal Platform) which allow you to attach the sheath to MOLLE gear in numerous angles and positions.  This is a very well thought out and executed carry system.  

The Rogue by Bawidamann Blades was designed with Milling on the thumbrest and around the arced ring for positive grip retention.  This knife was designed with a 60 degree angle bend from handle to tip to enhance natural motions from punching to plunging, with the knife being a true extension of the motion. It was designed primarily for off side carry, and has many possible carry options. The arcs on the ring serve as natural finger/thumb/palm (hypothenar) placement points, and becomes a natural extension of the handle when fully enclosed in the hand in either forward or reverse grips. You also have the option of using the ring in reverse grip (much like a Karambit) but with a straight blade you can still trap and cut with. The recurve blade comes to a hard angle before transitioning to the tip, and this one offers a top edge for a full continuous cut. A bit of “Electric Viking Deco Spirit” has been added to your edged tool from the Bawidamann/VZ GRIP Designer series.  Original in design and easy to carry, these Grips are as Aesthetically pleasing as they are Functional for positive grip retention.  Almost as Cool as the knife, is the sheath. We are taking our product line to a whole new level with our carrying systems. Fully reversible left/right. Simply disassemble the sheath, save the rear pivot set, and flip the straps and hardware to the opposite side or change the degree of carry. there are 6+ carry configurations. THIS CARRY SYSTEM UTILIZES PULL THE DOT SNAPS FOR QUICK ON/OFF 

MADE IN USA Proudly crafted by the Bawidamann Brothers

Blade length 3 in.
Steel .160 CPM Cruwear
Handles G-10 Bawidamann Walkure VZ GRIPS
Overall length 7.25 in.
Weight 4.8 oz (7.1 oz w/sheath) 
Sheath material - Boltaron
Custom CC CARRY sheath included. QD Straps with PULL THE DOTS