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Since 2010 Lantac Knives has been bringing high quality knives and gear to the public, military, LE and first responder community. We specialize in custom, mid-tech and high quality production knives and gear for real world use in tactical, EDC and wilderness environments.

New Jim Behring Treeman Combats in Stock.  Jim has discontinued the Combat line we bought them all at Blade.

New Jake Hoback MK5 Kwaibacks in Stock including Agents.  New Kwaiback Fixed Blade in Stock.

New Rick Hinderer’s and  Bastinelli Customs in Stock

Check out our selection of Karambit’s under Products Tab




Quality Promise

We promise every knife we carry is made using high-quality materials and craftmanship. Each knife is ready for real world use.

Made in the USA

The vast majority of the knives we sale have been proudly made, assembled and finished in the United States of America. We may from time to time offer a few quality knives made in Europe or other parts of the world.

Built to Last

Lantac Knives offers a wide selection of knives and tools for outdoors & survival enthusiasts,the military,law enforcement and first responder community.

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